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A page of all my fave sites that I couldn't fit anywhere else on the Dr. Ice Hotlists. Topics include Music, Art, Pets, Gardening and other miscellaneous hobbies.

Music Sites:

Music jumpsites and musicians' resources:

Radio Stations, Tours, Festivals, records labels:

Web pages of particular performers:

Medieval Spanish music:

Miscellaneous music sites:
Some cool Bass-playing lessons I've found on YouTube.

Not my videos, all credit goes to their creators.

Art-Related Sites:

Home Improvement


  • Seattle Animal Shelter Seattle Animal Shelter

  • - online pet adoption, homefinding, and lost & found resources - aka

    Animal Breed Zip Code

  • Petfinder Library - Which species/breed to adopt, behaviour/training, pet care, and more!

  • Rice Family Pet Resources Yes, I built a page for my dog - after my brother abandoned the site where he kept his baby pictures and I got tired of following a dead link to Now, it's become where our family keeps our fave places to shop for pet supplies and look up pet health and training info.



Outdoor Activities


Dana and her dog Katie What Am I Up To?>>

What are my creative friends up to:

Payne Fifield

Jillian Rebecca Ratliff

Ingrid Sanai Buron

Bruce Erikson

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