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Who is Dr. Ice? Why did Dr. Ice's Home Page move?

Dr. Ice's Current Favourites:

Dana and her dog Katie What Am I Up To?>>
Seattle Public Library:
My fave thing these days is the "Overdrive" App through SPL - As a Seattle resident, I can search and download e-books and audiobooks to my smartphone and listen to them while I do chores, drive my big long commute to Redmond, etc. Fabulous!
King County Public Library:
King County Library also has the "Overdrive" app like SPL does, but using it is not available to Seattle residents. We can, however, search the online KCLS catalog and visit a KCLS branch to check out books. And the Redmond branch has many nice tech books. I know, crazy! :)
CBT Nuggets
My oft-used training site for IT topics. Mainly for geeks, but a few topics for regular computer users. Requires a subscription, which is provided through my current employer, Denali Advanced Integration.
Microsoft Virtual Academy
Another oft-used training site for IT topics. Mainly for geeks, but a few topics for regular computer users. Requires an account to log in with, which everyone can have,especially anyone who has a computer with Windows 8 or above on it.
SAG_AFTRA Signatory Process
I can't claim to be an expert on this, but this site describes the process to become a SAG-AFTRA signatory. Like if you're a filmmaker and want to use professional talent on your film, this should give you what you need to do that. I think I still need a class on explaining it, though.
Local News for the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Chapter
As the combined union continues to grow, I like to keep up on resources available, contract changes, classes and workshops, and epecially things like the new ClearSonic IsoPac G Sound Isolation Booth in the Member Resource Center. (Yay!) What is an IsoPac G sound booth?
Rich listings of classes and resources for actors in L.A. :) Also, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation runs some online events that any SAG-AFTRA member can utilize, such as their Conversations series with series and movie casts, and their Business videos on the acting biz.
West Seattle Blog
One of the best news sources in Seattle. I know it's crazy, but it's true.

Energy Fiend
Keeping up with what's in all those energy drinks on the market.

King County Solid Waste Division - Online Materials Exchange
Recycle-able Building materials Household materials, etc.

Seattle City Light Streetlight Outage Report Form
or call 206.684.7056. To follow-up after making this report, or to check on an installation or other service: If you live south of Denny Way: 386.4200

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pacific Northwest Area Links:

Seattle WWW Sites
Links to sites containing info about Seattle, and gifs of Seattle and Mt.Rainier...:

City of Seattle Home Page

King County Democrats Home Page

The Seattle Times

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Dr. Ice's Computer-Related Hotlists:

Dr. Ice's List of WWW Development Sites.

Dr. Ice's List of Online Training about the Internet

Ever More Computer-Related Sites!

Computer Gaming Sites!

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Search Engines to find places of interest:

Search Engines

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Who is Dr. Ice, and where did Dr. Ice's Home Page at Eskimo North go?

Dr. Ice is just another way to pronounce drice, my account name at my ISP, Eskimo North. My geekly friends came up with it back in 1993, to help them remember my email address (to which I've recently added the alias domain names and, but it all ultimately goes to See? Dr. Ice at Eskimo North made remembering that mess easier, especially back then, when the general public wasn't yet familiar with email address formats. The Dr. Ice name was convenient then for my website purposes also, because anonymity was a little more important in the days before the general public had web sites. I was regularly flamed on technical and sci-fi usenets, just because I'm female. Actually, since my first name is gender-neutral, it was more like I was being flamed just in case I was female. (any male Danas reading this are probably chuckling about now... ;-} . There were so many buttheads on the internet then. ::chuckle:: Like there aren't now! ;-} ) Until a couple of years ago, you couldn't find my real name anywhere on this site. I just got tired of being a target. Things have changed, though, and I've learned how to make KillFiles for flaming and spamming emailers, plus all the online acting talent banks want to link to your home page, so I finally gave in and re-designed the site, splitting it into two areas "The Dr. Ice Hotlists" and "Dana's WWW Home".

Dr. Ice has also turned out to be a handy nom-de-guerr for networked gaming, like with Quake or ATF. ::He he he:: Really! Plus, some folks just think it's cool or something. Hey, there's no accounting for taste, you know? People actually call me this to my face. I answer to it. I haven't had many nicknames in my life, so it's a novelty. :-)

And no, I'm not a hip-hop artist, although I do believe that there should be an effort out there to convert many classical songs that we learned in college voice lessons to rap/hip-hop. The meter and rhyming scheme are the same in many cases. No! I'm not kidding! Try it sometime with that song they used as the theme song for the TV show "American Journal". It's called "Simple Gifts". Or, try the italian aria "Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento". I'm not kidding. In fact, I'm so serious about this, I'm going to write a comedy routine around it, record it and put the file out here on my website, as soon as I get the technology to do that. Think what a fabulous tool to teach the words to classical tunes! All right, if any of you know Ryan Fletcher or Jane Wyss, my college voice professors, you don't have to tell them I said all this... ::sigh::

As to where Dr. Ice's Home Page is going, it's still here, it's just undergoing some changes!

This site began as my Mosaic hotlist (the equivalent to "Bookmarks" in Netscape or Opera, or "Favorites" in Internet Explorer), because I used several different computers in different locations and got tired of having many different hotlists/bookmarks/favourites everywhere. I consolidated all of my frequently-used hotlinks here on my website so I could get to them from home, work, school, the library while diong research, and so forth.

I also starting out using the site as a place to share information with co-workers outside the firewall that encloses my employer's network. This is where Dr. Ice's Internet Training page, WWW Developer's Page, Computer Resources Page and Seattle WWW links page started, as mirrors of our internal web pages at my workplace. They have morphed into different creatures lately, more for my own personal reference, so not as broad-reaching as they once were. I've added Employment Links for all my friends and myself to reference when we've been looking for our next job. I've added Theatre Links for all half-dozen of my theatre friends who have access to the web. Many of the other Dr. Ice lists have gone long-neglected, and I'm about ready to revamp them. They aren't going away, though, they'll just get rid of some dead links and get a face lift... I don't believe in creating "linkrot", so I never delete, rename or move files on a production website - nobody's links here will go dead. The same links that got you to this site in 1994 will still get you here in 2004. Death to LinkRot! Woo-hoo!.

The biggest change on my site in the last few years is the addition of material other than the hotlists, material that has to do with me, like my resumes, and material that offers something I can't find anywhere else on the web, like the List of Seattle-Area Theatre Hotlines and Callboards page. This is still primarily for my own reference, but it is finally something on this site that isn't just a link somewhere else. Also new as of a few years ago is my "What Am I Up To?" Page, which gives me a place to post notices about my theatre and musical performances, for my friends, family and fellow theatre geeks who have asked to be told about them. I mainly came up with it to have a place to link to in an email notice about the shows, giving directions and giving friends a little bit of info about the production and the company, etc... Well, you know, and my usual smarmy thoughts and mental meanderings... :-} It turns out that a lot of my friends, even those who can't come see the shows, really like to read the dramaturgucal stuff and surf the sites of interest about the setting of the show, so I also now include a bunch of stuff like that!

The last big change to my site, after I swept the site for dead links and implemented new navigation, was to add some original material - My own writing, more shared collaborative space for my friends and members of my listservs, more original content on the computer and internet topics I have hotlists for. I mean, I've been doing webmastering since 1994, so I guess my website could actually have a cohesive design someday. The problem is, I use it for testing concepts, which is why the Dr. Ice site is always a little incongruous design-wise. It's fun to go peruse the Wayback machine for a specific page and see what all it's been through. I've tried some funky things, and some of them got caught in the snapshots! I do try to keep my site designed in a way that my friends who use alternate browsers - even Lynx - have as little trouble as possible. I do believe in interoperability, and this site is simple on purpose. It used to boast the little button that says "Viewable by Any Browser". ::sigh:: Those were the days!

Thanks for coming by to visit. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for "The Dr. Ice Hotlists" or "Dana's WWW Home".

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