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News from Danaland and Dr. Ice's Village
February, 2011
  • Acting projects: - Film/Video-wise, I'm participating as an actor in the beta test of new web TV series, which is fun because it also involves writing, improv, filming and editing. Yay! More info here: The Beckinfield project. Stage-wise, I'm regularly participating in table readings and staged readings of new scripts at ArtsWest.

  • Music Projects Album release:A new album is out, on which I played bass! My friends Bruce Blood and Bill Scott, a.k.a. "Blood & Biscotti" released their album, "Blood & Biscotti: The CD"

    Otherwise, musically, I've been focusing mostly on show tunes for auditions, and learning a few new popular tunes to sing with my guitar.
  • Web Site Updates: Details: New Pages, Widgets and News!

  • Writing/Acting Project: I'm collaboratively writing a couple of new web series with friends from L.A. and Seattle, writing our characters for ourselves to portray, shoot and edit. An evolution of some earlier work we did for demo-reel purposes. The scripts are in the table reading phase, so nothing online just yet.

  • Fundraising Efforts: If you would like to help me in my fundraising efforts, my current project is for my nephew 10-year-old nephew Sean, who is an amazing soccer player and has been invited to train for a week in the UK. A great opportunity for a great kid! Sean's Fundrazr Site

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A new concept in mass-participation TV.

Beta testing ends March 11, 2011

Please feel free to surf the site, view the vids, "join" as an actor or as a fan, and give lots of feedback about the concept and its execution!
Content Happiness!
This show has no swearing, no nudity, no violence.
Fine for the prudish.
Fine for children.

Developed by Theatrics, LLC

A new concept in mass-participation TV.

Beta testing ends March 11, 2011

Beckinfield is a web site that hosts a new kind of TV show, one in which everyone can participate as either an actor or a viewer. We are now in done with initial testing, and the site is open for anyone to join for free during this test phase. Joining as a fan/viewer will always be free. Joining as an actor may someday involve a fee, so it's a great opportunity to help some of our fellow actors and web developers get the site up and running.

The basic idea of the site is that the team of people who created the site created a setting - a small town named Beckinfield, California - and wrote a few spare items that are happening in that town. Each person who joins the site as an actor is sent a weekly newsletter that gives topics that are occurring in the town. Each actor creates a character who lives in the town and contributes to the town video blog for the high school project. Actors are then expected to produce a couple of videos each week, more if they can, less if they can't, and post them on the site, and then report any problems they have in accomplishing that task.

What can I do?
Go to Beckinfield.com and just look around! There are three options to help out:
  • Option A: Surf the site without joining it, watch videos, and then hit the "feedback" button and let them know what you think!
  • Option B: Join the site as a "fan", watch videos, test the fan features, and then hit the "feedback" button and let them know what you think!
  • Option C: Join the site as an "actor", watch the traiing videos, get the newsletter, make some videos, upload them, participate in the behind-the-scenes forums, test all the features of the site, and then hit the "feedback" button and let them know what you think!

Is this show kid-friendly? How about prude-friendly?
Yes, it is! The actors are required to avoid using profanity, nudity, violence or obscene gestures. I know that means some of you won't be inerested, but I also know that many of you will think that really rocks!

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City of Seattle, WA, USA

DanaRiceActor on Twitter

Dana's On Twitter! (And Playing with Twitter Widgets! Woo-hoo!)

June 15, 2009
Twitter icon I'm on Twitter! It took a few days to get used to, and it really didn't seem to make much sense for awhile, but I _so_ get it now, and I have an account I'm using for my statuses: DanaRiceActor. I had to chuckle, one of the first "people" to start "following" me was "Gov. Schwarzenneger". I took a day off from Twitter to contemplate the implications of that. ::brain frizzles:: And, by the way, there is also a Dana Rice account on Twitter, that's not me. Although, I am "following" it because some of my friends have found them by mistake. I only tweet a status once every day or two, but I now have it hooked up to feed my statuses on Facebook, ReverbNation and MySpace.
I'm also getting a bunch of links together from friends who are as expert as one can be about the acting scene in L.A.: Crash Course on the L.A. Acting Scene.
Twitter Widget from Widgetbox:

Another Twitter Widget from Widgetbox, which during testing hasn't loaded yet, just seeing if it ever does:

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This site, and its branches.

Dr. Ice's Hotlists

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Hotlists and Favorites Lists

The City of Seattle

City of Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle, WA, USA


Laurie Marum, Licensed Acupuncturist

Qi Gong,
Craniosacral Therapy

Web Site Projects

February 2010 -
  • I've added my print-ready headshots on my Photos page, and I've updated both my film and theatre Resumes. There are also now links back and forth between them, mainly because I find that more and more often, casting peeps in Seattle don't use Actors Access (why is that, does anyone know? :-} ), so they want to have a link on an actor's own web site to get a photo and resume. So, all five of my print-ready headshots - three film/tv shots and two theatre shots - are now easy to obtain right here. With my name already on there so you can remember who I am whenever you feel like you need to be reminded! :-}
  • New people on the "Which Dana Rice Are You Looking For?" page - I've recently revised this page, which is a sharing of my domain names with other people with my name. - to add a few more Dana Rices to the directory - including my friend the firefighter/poet in Tennessee, and a cinematographer in L.A. who once shared my IMDb record for a few months last year. :-}
  • Complete overhaul of my PNW Callboards page. Now that I'm looking for things to do in Seattle for awhile, I needed to update how to find them, plus add the national/international resources I learned about while in L.A.

June 2009 -
I've been working on several projects for the improvement of Danarice.net lately. :-} Widgets, new photos, a new splash graphic on the home page that melds my headshots into a photo of the beach in my mom's Florida home, and a new page about the L.A. acting scene. Linking together this site with all means of interacting with me on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ReverNation, and so on. And I've been doing what I can on those sites to provide consistencly, such as designing a splahs background graphic for my Twitter site. It's all good. If you see anything you like or don't, or have any suggestions, please let me know! :-}

December 10, 2008
I now have a new Mailing List, and a Street Team, on ReverbNation. If you'd like to receive notices of my performances (mailing list) or help promote them (street team) or both, please sign up in the widget below, or just email me at dana@danarice.net with the contact info of your choice. Thanks to everyone who's already signed up. :-}

February 2008 -
I have redesigned my web site (this one, Dana Rice's WWW Home), and gave it a new green design with a regular toolbar at top and bottom instead of the previous array of oddball buttons. And I finally realized a dream of adding a new page called "Which Dana Rice are you looking for?" because I get so many calls for other people with my name, I'd like it to be easier to find them. I also have a new Photos page, so I'll be moving photos from their current shared location with resumes and contact info onto their own screen. Once I pick a final headshot for print purposes! So much to do!

Most friends know that my day job since 1994 has been computer systems analysis for a local gubment agency. And that included building many, may web sites for various departments, including 10 years as Web Manager for Seattle City Light. http://www.seattle.gov/

I've also been working for a few years now on a freelance web site http://www.LaurieMarum.com/ with my friend NancyEllen Regier (N'Ellen), who is an ace Graphics Designer. Please feel free to peruse the site and send us feedback! N'Ellen's graphics, as always, are stunning and beautiful. :-} She was working with Laurie on brochures, and designed her logo and branding and color scheme. And when they had a good start going on brochures, N'Ellen said, what else do you need? And Laurie said, how about a web site? N'Ellen designed it and handed it off to me to make the code, find the hosting service and get the site published and promoted. My first experience doing all that at once! Quite exciting! I need to meet more graphics designers who don't like to do code. :-} Well, maybe!

Laurie's site is here: www.lauriemarum.com

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Dana's Events Mailing List

If you aren't already on my email show notice list, and you'd like me to contact you when I'm in plays or musical projects, I can do that! I have email lists, I have a phone, it's all good. Just let me know how you'd like to be notified. Call me or email me at dana@danarice.net and say, "Please put me on your mailing list!", or some such thing. You can also just mention it the next time I see you, eh? Don't forget! And don't forget to tell me about your artistic endeavours, too!

I have now have a Mailing List and a Street Team on ReverbNation. If you'd like to receive notices of my performances (mailing list) or help promote them (street team) or both, please sign up in the widget below, or just email me at dana@danarice.net with the contact info of your choice.

Thanks to everyone who's been sending me their news about artistic endeavours, and thanks also to all who use my show notices as an excuse to catch up! I love that!

Peace, dear ones.

- Dana

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More Stuff on Dana's WWW Home

Song Lyrics & Other Writing
A special thanks to those of you who've asked for the lyrics to my original tunes. They are now on my Writing Collection web site, along with some other of my writing stuff: Dana's Writing Collection And thank you very much for asking! I hope to get some more songs written one of these days!

More Theatre Info and The Dr. Ice Hotlists Site
If you're a Seattle-area theatre person, you might find my Seattle Area Theatre/Film Hotlines page useful: http://www.danarice.net/theatre/hotlines.html. You might also enjoy perusing the Dr. Ice Hotlist of Theatre Links: http://www.danarice.net/theatre/

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