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January, 2020
  • Day Job Gigs: - I recently began a new gig as a hybrid support engineer for a gaming studio. An awesome experience and a wonderful team to work with.

    I graduated May 2019 from the 2-year training program in IT Network Administration and cybersecurity I told you-all about. One of the big enduring benefits I gained from that is access to continuing technical training through a variety of media, such as LinkedIn Learning and Cisco Academy, that we utilized in some of my in-person classes the last few years.

    The caregiving gig has taken a smaller role in my life, we have more professional help with that nowadays.

  • Acting projects: - My current schedule doesn't allow for fully-staged theatre projects, and hasn't for awhile. I'm keeping my acting chops from getting terribly rusty in other ways, such as table readings and staged readings of new scripts for playwright and screenwriter groups.

    And the occasional Meisner Play Date at a local acting studio. Those are great fun.

    Last year, before I started back to school, I had a delightful gig reading historical monologues in assisted living venues. I got to research and portray Lizzie Orway, the eldest Mercer Girl who emigrated to Seattle in the late 1800s, from working in the mills in Lowell, Massachusetts, just a few miles away from her contemporaries the Alcott family, whom I'd researched heavily when playing Marmee in Little Women years ago. And, as luck would have it, I happened to visit family in Albuquerque, NM. We visited the Harvey House Museum near there, and learned about another avenue for women to make a decent living in days gone by. Fascinating stories in all of the above!

  • Music Projects: Again, on sabbatical from most projects, except for singing in church choir and whatnot. Which is fabulous training for making a person brave and crazy. There is nothing like a performance with little or no rehearsal to make you less perfectionist about rehearsing, and more interested in learning all the new tools to help you practice unfamiliar songs on your own.

    Otherwise, I'm trying to carve out some time to learn a few new popular tunes to sing with my guitar. I let my busker's permit lapse this year, just unable to carve out opportunities to use it.

  • Web Site Updates: What's in progress with this web site Dr. Ice and Dana's WWW Home Pages

  • Writing Projects: I'm pondering where to go with some concepts I've been working on since completing the Screenwriting Certificate Program at the UW. For the time being, while I have very little free time, those stories are just one fabulous way to de-stress when life gets chaotic. :) I met some great people through the screenwriting program, and we've inspired each other with challenges and projects since classes ended.

  • Other Projects: Technical support for the block watch team in my neighborhood, and for my aging relatives and their needs, including a concurrent effort in all branches of my family, including my in-laws, to study family trees, history, genealogy, and build timelines of family stories. These two projects are very fulfilling, are very engaging for even family members with dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and other health problems. Working on timelines for real people's lives, and discovering relatives that we never knew existed, it's very exciting for everyone. These adventures are also feeding a large number of story ideas for new writing projects. Good times! And some very compelling stories!
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2018-2020 - Fresh Skills, Fresh Code
  • Recently infected by some refresher training in web dev stuffs, I'm applying new skills to this site and the Dr. Ice Hotlists. Starting with a content sweep, then moving to converting things to HTML 5 and more sophisticated CSS. We'll see how that goes, eh? :)

  • I'm taking suggestions for revisions for any page on Dana Rice's WWW Home and the Dr. Ice's Hotlists web sites. Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions, especially for the business job-finding resources page, the HTML and web dev page, the acting and music resources, and so on.

  • New people on the "Which Dana Rice Are You Looking For?" page - I'm revising this page again, which is a sharing of my domain names with other people with my name. - to add a few more Dana Rices to the directory - including my friend the firefighter/poet in Tennessee, a wonderful singer in Georgia, and a cinematographer in L.A. who once shared my IMDb record for a few months, years ago. :-}

  • I'm also getting a bunch of links together from friends to update my bookmarks for the acting scene in L.A.: Crash Course on the L.A. Acting Scene and in Seattle: Seattle Area Acting Hotlines and Dr. Ice's Theatre & Film Industry Hotlist

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City of Seattle, WA, USA

@DanaRiceActor on Twitter

City of Seattle, WA, USA

@Ricinezsurf on Twitter

Dana Returns to Twitter
    (And the sad tale of the deprecating Twitter Widgets)

May, 2020

Yes, I do still have the same two Twitter accounts I've had since 2009. Twitter icon
  • @DanaRiceActor I created for status tweets about creative projects - theatre, film, music, writing, etc.
  • @Ricinezsurf, I used for more geekly pursuits, and testing stuff.
Every once in awhile, I still laugh, remembering the day I created both accounts, and one of the first people to start "following" me was "Gov. Schwarzenneger". Man, that was some day. ( I mean, of course I know that the Governor's office likely had a bot that did that for all new Twitter users with certain criteria. But, see, that just leans in to the whole bot-friends-you premise of some of his movies. )

I don't tweet often, but I've gotten back into it lately, swept up in all the excitement about the new game coming out from the studio I'm working for. It really helps my day-to-day triaging and priority setting to follow the news, and help promote real news over fabrication and guessing. So, I've spun up my tweetdeck and scheduled up a few things to tweet out over the next few weeks.

When I was updating the content on this page, I got an alert that my twitter widgets were deprecated, so here are some new ones to try out. One from each account. I'll just let them flex with the page they are in, for the moment. I'll test from a variety of browsers and see what that's like.

For Comparison, Old and New Twitter Widgets:

First, the old ones:

Twitter Widget for SeattleGeekGrrrlz (@Ricinezsurf):

Twitter Widget for @DanaRiceActor:

And then, the new ones to test in many browsers:

They seem huuuuge to me, but I'm hoping they look better on different devices.

Thanks for testing!

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Dana's Events Mailing List

If you aren't already on my email show notice list, and you'd like me to let you know when I'm in plays or musical projects, I can do that! I have email lists, I have a phone, it's all good. Just let me know how you'd like to be notified. Call me or email me at dana@danarice.com and say, "Please put me on your mailing list!", or some such thing. You can also just mention it the next time I see you, eh? And, don't forget! Tell me about your artistic endeavours, too!

I now have a Mailing List and a Street Team on ReverbNation. If you'd like to receive notices of my performances (mailing list) or help promote them (street team) or both, please sign up in the widget below, or just email me at dana@danarice.com with the contact info of your choice.

Thanks to everyone who's been sending me their news about artistic endeavours, and thanks also to all who use my show notices as an excuse to catch up! I love that!

Peace, dear ones.

- Dana

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Thanks again to my friends and family who asked me to post some of my poems and songs. Dana's Writing Collection

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