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Dana's Media

This is a random collection of audio and video material that I've either created or performed in over the years. Thanks again to friends who asked for this page to exist. You so rock. :-} This page contains:
  1. Audio - Show Tunes! And my voiceover Demo! I ripped my demo to MP3, and I'm creating song-learning trax in Garage Band. And yes, that's really me singing all of the vocal parts. Yes, even Glinda. And the tenors in the choruses. No guarantees on quality, though! I'm still learning the tunes, and the software and hardware to do this. With lots of help. Thank you! (GarageBand / ReverbNation experiments)

  2. Video with text and pix - Sing with me! On "For Good" from Wicked (You Tube / iMovie experiment)

  3. Video slideshow - A video tribute to my dad - with childhood pics of me and my siblings. (You Tube / Adobe Premiere experiment)

  4. Audio and pix - MP3s and pictures from Angry Housewives some of which I'm singing in, some I'm playing drums in, some I'm doing both, and some dialogue snippets from the show. On my to-do list, suggested by a friend - try to rip my STOMP-like bridge solo from the DVD and put it on YouTube. I did try, but so far, no luck. The DVD is wacked, as you can see from the screenshots. I'll keep trying with different software as time goes on.
My GarageBand / ReverbNation / Voice123 Experiments

I ripped my voiceover demo to MP3! It's now on my ReverbNation player - the big box below this paragraph. I still have some Musical theatre tunes - scratch trax I'm using to learn them. The newest ones are with a better mic and conditions - see explanation below the player box for more info. To use the box below, one can push the big play button and it'll just start playing through all 14 trax I have up there now, in alphabetical order. Or, you can scroll through the song list to pick one that you know or have sung with me. :-} My voiceover demo is the 3rd track on the list.

For my techie friends helping me out with software and recording hardware issues, you can tell the difference between the new trax and the older ones - if the word "scratchtrax" is in the title, these are the new trax with the SM58 and Lightsnake USB cable. The older trax have the word "rehearsal" in the title, they were recorded with the built-in iSight mic, sitting on the floor at 2am after learning the words and notes just enough to rough it out. I'll eventually re-do them all with the new mic and other criteria. (Yes, I know I need to re-do "Lady is A Tramp", it was the first try with the new mic setup, and I was learning the new deal with enunciation and the pop filter on the SM58 unidirectional mic. Apparently, the lady is a "tram" most of the way through. ::chuckle:: I'm also discovering that this tune sits right on my break. Mercy.)

"What's a Street Team?", I've been asked. It's a list of folks who are willing to promote a show or album or someone's ReverbNation profile on their web site or Facebook or Myspace or blog. In the old days, a Street Team was a list of folks willing to take paper flyers around and put them up in strategic locations to promote a gig.

The mailing list is simply a notification list of events and whatnot, the Street Team list might ask you to participate somehow in promoting an event or recordings. Since so far I'm just testing how to use all the features of ReverbNation, you are free to sign up for either or both, I may end up using these features or not... :-}

My commercial voiceover demo was produced by Steve Mitchell and Veronica Weikel. It's also available on my Voice123 home page.
My ReverbNation player can also be accessed from these locations:

Visit Dana Rice's Facebook page

Hear Dana Rice's songs at ReverbNation

Aside from the voiceover demo, the music snippets on my ReverbNation player are rehearsal tracks for learning purposes. They're what my buddy Bruce calls "scratch tracks" - something to practice by and learn the song, to tweak and correct and tweak again to make sure you have the notes and lyrics correct, and the singing and recording technique as best you can get it, before you decide which songs to take into a better-quality studio and record for your portfolio / repertoire demo reel. (Provided you can get rights to record it and so forth.) Or just to use for auditioning purposes.

So some of these songs are for fun, others to practice with for musical theatre auditioning preparation. I ave 14 trax total, 13 rehearsal trax of show tunes, plus my voiceover demo track. The songs include some new trax as of August 2008 - "By the Sea" from Sweeney Todd, "A Cockeyed Optimist" from South Pacific, "Send in the Clowns" from A Little Night Music, and "The Lady is a Tramp" from Babes in Arms. Still around from July and before are "With One Look" from Sunset Boulevard, "Small World" from Gypsy, "Losing My Mind" from Follies, "When You're Good To Mama" from Chicago, "For Good", "No Good Deed", "Defying Gravity" and "Popular" from Wicked, and "Take Me Or Leave Me" from Rent (no harmonies on this one yet). Yes, there are a lot of Wicked tunes so far. I have a lot of friends who like to sing that show, so I've taken advantage of that to create backtracks with the different voices on them for friends to practice one or the other part of the duet with a recording. The one-voice-only versions are not in the player above, but I happily share them via email with fellow sing-along enthusiasts.

My most popular tune, according to my stats on ReverbNation, is, ironically, "Popular" from Wicked. Yes, I do love Glinda, I could never play her for real, but I do love singing her songs, they allow me a vent for my perky, southern side. Who knew that when someone suggested I learn "Popular", they would create a perkifying monster! :-} I love that tune, actually, because it reminds me of the training I give people at work who are learning how to improve their search engine results for their web sites - make them more "popular". Ha! Pop-you-who-lar. I really like the little yodel, and all.

My second most listened-to song, and top most downloaded, is "Defying Gravity". I do love Elphaba just as much as Glinda, although Elphie brings out my darker, more cynical side. It's all good. Speaking of which, "For Good", one of the first tunes I test-recorded back in February, is now third. I guess Wicked is really in these days, eh? Lucky someone clued me in and made me learn some of their tunes. You know who you are, thank you!

I really wish Madame Morrible had a solo tune in Wicked, but no such luck. I did finally find a backtrack of "The Wizard and I" that begins with her solo, though, so I'll be adding that someday. Being over 30 years old, she's probably the most likely character for me to be able to play. :-}

These recordings are being done as tests of how to create them on a macbook with GarageBand with the built-in and external mic options. Using dialogue and songs with different ranges and character types, I am singing and speaking all the melodies, harmonies and dialogue in these test tracks (yes, that really is me as Glinda, Elphaba and the entire chorus), but not playing the instruments. The backtracks are from the Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology (SMTA) - Mezzo/Belter editions (volumes 1 through 5) and PocketSongs. The sheet music I use is from the SMTA series.
My iMovie / YouTube Experiment

Sing with me on YouTube - For Good from Wicked
Sing with me! On "For Good" from Wicked
Since I started learning show tunes last December, I have discovered a deep dark underground of show tunes fans among my friends - who knew! And they like to have sing-alongs and whatnot, so I thought I'd try out the YouTube tradition of creating sing-along videos of tunes my friends like, so we know the same versions to sing along with and all that. I took my most popular rehearsal track from my Garage Band experiment, "For Good" from Wicked, and made it into a video as a test of how to use iMovie, and how it compares to Adobe Premiere Elements. I now need help, if you're expert on iMovie. I learned all kinds of things, like placing photos in time with music, adding fixed and scrolling title text (and changing fonts and sizes and such) on various backgrounds, adding color washes, replacing older photos with new ones, getting the same photo to begin with exactly the same crop as its mirror in a previous clip, and a small amount with sizing and croppping photos and adding a "Ken Burns" effect in some areas.

I need help, now. I have created a higher-quality MP3 of the music, and just need to swap that out, but can't figure out an easy way to do that without starting over... any advice will be appreciated!

Oh, and sorry for the boring pix. I don't have my whole picture collection on my macbook yet, so I just used two of my headshots - one facing right with a green wash for the Elphie lines, and one facing left with a pink wash for the Glinda lines.

view my sing-along video on YouTube.

My Adobe moviemaking / YouTube Experiment

See a tribute to Dana's dad on YouTube
A tribute to my dad - with childhood pics of me and my siblings.Well, about this time last year, we had several rounds of dying computers around the house, but in the middle of all that, I scanned old childhood photos and got just enough time on one computer before it died to try out making a little video of photos set to music. It's only the third edit, so it's a little rough, but it ended up being a tribute to my dad - I missed him when I was growing up and he was off flying his Air Force missions, and I miss him now, since he passed away over a decade ago. Also in it are lots of childhood photos of me, my brothers and my little sister, and one near the beginning of my mom with me as a baby, then one with my mom and dad with my baby brother Steve. I love that photo... I'm such a smarmy ol' lady, eh?

Anyway, I put the video on YouTube for my family to look at, and you can too, if you like, The splash graphic is of my brother Greg when he was in high school.:

view my video on YouTube.


MP3s from Angry Housewives, some of which I'm in...


Dana as Wendy as Charmin on Drums
Dana as Wendi as "Charmin on Drums" playing the song "Eat your F**king Cornflakes"

Wendi convincing Jetta to sing
Wendi (right) urging Jetta (left) to sing - "Just remember - Clint Eastwood - Seething"

Wendi and Wally in finale punk outfits
Wendi and Wally (Mike Hulslander) - in our finale punk outfits

Angry Housewives Logo

MP3s From the Show
Cover of the Herald's A&E Section - Click to see a bigger version>>
Cheryl Phillips as Carol, Dana Rice as Wendi, Britta Grass as Jetta, and Marni Dilgard as Bev - on the cover of the local paper's A&E section (See bigger version)

I can't believe how many people still ask me for these! So for all of you who still enjoy them, here are the MP3s of Eat Your F**king Cornflakes, along with other songs and dialogue snippets from the show, courtesy of our amazing sound engineer, Aleks Barbour. Enjoy!

Punk Songs (I'm playing drums on these tracks :-} ):
"Eat your F**king Cornflakes" (MP3 file 2M) - Jetta (lead singer), Bev, Carol and Wendi (yes, that's me on the drums)
"Eat your F**king Cornflakes"- Version 2 with dialogue (MP3 file 3M) - Jetta (lead singer), Bev, Carol and Wendi (yes, that's really me on the drums)
"Man From Glad" (MP3 file 2M) - Jetta (lead singer), Bev, Carol and Wendi

Dialogue snippet: "The Most Exciting New Band"(MP3 file 322K) - Wally and Wendi

Song: "First Kid on the Block" (MP3 file 322K)- Tim, Bev, Jetta, Carol, Wendi

Dialogue snippet: "About that Fight" (MP3 file 322K) - Wendi and Wally

Wendi, Carol Bev, and Jetta at the End of the song Generic Woman
Wendi, Carol, Bev and Jetta at the end of the song "Generic Woman"

Song: "Generic Woman" (MP3 file 3M) - Bev, Jetta, Carol, Wendi

Dialogue snippet: "KRAP Radio" (MP3 file 97K) - Lewd

Song: "Betsy Moberly"!(MP3 file 3.5M) - Lewd and Wally (that's me on rhythm in the intro - Bamboo split sticks on a wooden chair on the bridge - I snuck on in the dark with a long black coat covering my costume.)

Dialogue snippet: "Shut Your Cakeholes!" (MP3 file 46K) - Lewd

Song: "Not At Home"(MP3 file 3.5M) - Jetta

Song: "Saturday Night"! (MP3 file 3.5M) - Wally, Wendi, Larry, Bev, Carol, Jetta, Lewd, Tim

Song: "Nobody Loves Me"! (MP3 file 3.5M) - Larry

Dialogue Snippet: "It's a Dior!" (MP3 file 94K) - Larry

Song: "Stalling For Time"! (MP3 file 3.5M) - Wally, Larry, Lewd, Tim

Song: "Finale"! (MP3 file 3.5M) - Wally, Larry, Lewd, Tim, Bev, Carol, Jetta, Wendi

Local Radio Ad:
Audio file of the Angry Housewives Radio Ad (MP3 file 938K) - Britta Grass (Jetta))

Wally reading Wendi the Bleeding Ears review
Wally reading Wendi the review in the punk rock magazine "Bleeding Ear" - "The most exciting new band to emerge from Saturday night's contest was the Angry Housewives..."

:: big bear hugs::

As always, may you have as much peace, light, love, health, hugs, music and happiness as you can comfortably tolerate in your lives!

love, Dana

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