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Dana Rice's Writing Collection

Yes, this is finally some of my original work on my website. :-} I hope you enjoy it. Be forewarned, most of it came unconsciously out of my morning pages exercise while I was doing the creativity course based on the book The Artist's Way. If you're unfamiliar with the course, a portion of it is getting up in the morning and doing a "scandisk" function on your brain, writing three pages of whatever comes out, to clear your brain for creativity. So, many of these works came out in serial snippets over several weeks of gook in a notebook. I didn't know some of them existed until the exercise in the course told me to go read the gook. I was surprised to find them. Really. ::chuckle:: I'm not a morning person. I guess that's why the course says to go back and read the gook, eh? Anyway, I enjoyed these particular ones, and they were the best-formed. I'm working on some more. The Laden Shoes and Wings piece has three more sections. I'm wading through the gook to piece them together. :-} Thanks for reading, and thanks to those of you who've seen me perform the poems and songs and wanted this site to happen. :-} You rock. I appreciate you very much. Peace, dear ones.
   - Dana    dana@danarice.net

Gods and Queens
Written about friends and family members going through the ordeal of trying to figure out what thier next career might be.
Didn't You Know
Written about staring at an empty chair.
I Just Want My Bus
About some extraordinary folks at the bus stop.

Laden Shoes and Wings
Maybe recognizing one's talents isn't such a bad thing.
If The Continents In Me
All-American kid ponders collection of branches of the melting pot family tree. The nation looks at itself.
The Singing Baby
Discovering the uniqueness of my third baby nephew.

Bench Girl
Sometimes the biggest events in our lives come as a surprise.
Hope's Arrangement
Living under the reign of terrorism, four young people find sanctuary.
Battle Wives
Actually an epic poem, I guess. Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from... If you figure it out, please let me know, okay? :-}

Dana's Beginning Internet Guide
A beginner's guide written for my fellow City of Seattle employees when my day job involved internet training. Friends who aren't city employees find it useful, too. :-} It's one of my most popular works. ::chuckle::

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