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Dana Rice

Contact Info and Resumes

e-mail:  dana@danarice.net

Los Angeles Cell:
(310) 995–7405

Seattle Cell:
(206) 218–3615

  Dana Rice  

Acting Resumes

Film & Video


Press and Reviews: Dana's Press Page.

More theatrical and commercial photos: Dana's Photos Page.

Dana's voiceover demo is available in the ReverbNation player box on Dana's Media Page, and on Dana's Voice123 Profile.
Dana is a female actor, age range ~45-60+, a member of SAG-AFTRA, but not Equity. Typically cast as authority figures, leaders, rabblerousers, moms, cops, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, etc. She works hard on every project, brings no attitude to the set, and has works from a place of empathy and humility. She is organized, reliable, honest, brave and very crazy. Saves all the drama for the camera/stage, loves finding order in chaos, chaos in order, and the truest perspective possible for her characters.

Dana has been acting since childhood, and is trained in multiple acting methods - Stanislavski, Meisner, etc. She is a morphing character actor who has often played characters who may seem grouchy, mean, or otherwise unpleasant. To avoid having to stay in those characters' demeanor off-camera and off-stage, and to make her work environments friendly and productive, she changes demeanor when out of character, and is naturally a modest, amiable, intelligent person who approaches character building as she does software building, always looking for any bugs to fix until the product is as workable as can be achieved.

Dana has an extensive vocabulary that includes technical computer jargon and scientific terminology. She is skilled with dialects, character voices, improv gibberish and languages (Spanish, some German, a bit of some others). Her sound repertoire includes realistic bird noises and baby cries, and beatbox rhythm. She's an instrumental musician (bass, drums, guitar) and singer (alto/mezzo/tenor). She loves kids and animals, has a current passport, and can be a local hire in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Orlando, and other cities.

Dana's resume, photos and demos are available on several online casting sites, such as Actors Access, Voice123, Now Casting, IndieClub, and others. The last section of this page includes links to those sites, as well as her record on IMDb and her profiles on ReverbNation and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Information Technology Resume

Dana's family and friends often ask about her day jobs as an Information Technology Professional. Here is some of that story: Dana's IT background is a combination of Server Administration, Network Administration, Desktop Support, DevOps and Web Site Administration. Resume coaches advise to always tailor a resume to each job application. One incarnation of Dana's roller coaster of duties since 1994 is represented on the resumes below.

More places to contact or keep up with Dana:
DanaRice.net icon Dana Rice on Actors Access
Another version of Dana's film resume on the national Actors Access breakdown services site.
DanaRice.net icon Dana Rice - What Am I Up To?
A bloggish status report on Dana and her family's happenings, and her theatre and music performances.
Facebook icon Facebook - Dana Rice

Requires login to your Facebook account to see full profile
Facebook icon Twitter - DanaRiceActor

There is also a DanaRice account on Twitter. That's not me. I do "follow" it, though, to check every once in awhile for my friends going there by mistake.
LinkedIn icon LinkedIn - Dana Rice
ReverbNation icon ReverbNation - Dana Rice's Show Tunes Vocals

Includes MP3s of Dana singing show tunes she's learning for musical theatre purposes. If you know of more that would be good for her to learn, please let her know. :-} More details on the Media Page
Friendster icon Voice123- Dana Rice
YouTube icon YouTube - Dana's "Ricinezsurf" Channel

Experiments in learning how to make videos on PCs and Macs. Includes a slideshow of childhood photos, and a "Sing With Me"-type video with text of lyrics on-screen for the song "For Good" from Wicked
YouTube icon YouTube - Dana's "DanaRiceActor" Channel

A new channel I've made for final versions of tests from the Ricinezsurf channel, and for future reels and demo material.
MySpace icon MySpace | Dana Rice's Musician Profile

Includes MP3 of Dana's original tune "Gods & Queens"
DanaRice.net icon Dana Rice (I) on IMDb
Dana is now on IMDb!


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