Dana's Page Header with a few tiny pix from her past theatre projects - Left to Right - Wendy from Angry Housewives, a 1998 headshot, Mrs. Mullin from Carousel, Sybil Birling from An Inspector Calls, and a 2008 headshot
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Dana Rice's WWW Home

Time for a vacation, eh?- Image by Dana Rice.  Beach photo by Dana Rice. Headshots by Robin Emtage.

Dana's Fave Quotes for Creative Friends
Proof that Dana is a Queen of Sappiness Masquerading as a Rational Being

Dana's Grey Book Sing-along Song List
The tunes Dana will admit to singing and playing for sing-alongs. The ones in the old grey notebook with the sticker on it that says, "No music, no life." from the old Tower Records days. :-}

Internet and Netiquette Info
Includes Dana's beginning internet guide for my friends at the City of Seattle, and other info collected from around the net

Search Dana's Web Sites
Search all of the content for sites built and operated by Dana Rice: Dana Rice's WWW Home, The Dr. Ice Hotlists, The Rice Family Pet Resources Site, and The Star Trek, etc. Singing Armadillo Frog Sanctuary

Dana's Cancer Resources Page
Far too many of Dana's friends and family members have had to fight the Nasty Cancer Thang. Thank goodness so many have won!

What Am I Up To?
Current Theatre, Music & Web Projects
Updates on this web site, acting and music projects, and finding Dana on Twitter! :)

Contact Info, Resumes, Bios
Contact Info, Resumes (Acting, Music and Technology)
Includes Phone Numbers for LA and Seattle contacts, and a list of ways to contact Dana via Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, MySpace, YouTube, Voice123, Friendster, TPS and IndieClub!

Promotional Headshots, Show Photos
Includes five current headshots, and galleries of other pictures

Press reviews of Dana's past performances. A very affirming exercise, by the way, gathering reviews of one's performances, and she highly recommends it to all her acting and musician friends!

Audio, Video, etc that Dana has made or performed in. Not yet a demo reel, but I'm working on that...

Which Dana Rice are you looking for?
A novel idea - Dana owns the DanaRice.com domain name and is happy to share it with anybody named Dana Rice. And she shares her birth name with some remarkable folks! Check them out here! :-}

Seattle Area Theatre/Film Hotlines
Actor and Musician Callboards in The Pacific Northwest now includes Seattle, WA area, and national casting sites for actors moving to (or visiting) L.A. and New York - Now Casting, Actors Access an L.A. Casting. Plus, Seattle mailing list Foreground Background! :-}

The Dr. Ice Hotlists
Dr. Ice's Home Page at Eskimo North. Dana's bookmarks and favourite web surfing spots - Theatrical, Sci-Fi, Computers, Web Devo, etc...

Who is Dr. Ice?

Dana's Writing Collection
Original poems, stories, songs, technical docs, etc...

Follow this link for Seattle's online City HallThe City of Seattle Home Page
For most of her career, Dana has been an IT Professional and government servant by day, for the Seattle municipal government. Feel free to peruse the award-winning web site she worked on since its inception, leading up to its public launch in 1995, and then until 2008 in a variety of roles. She also maintained servers and desktops and networks, oh my! ;-} www.seattle.gov/.

Please send suggestions, comments and questions to Dana Rice at the email address in the footer of this page.
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