Dana's Page Header with a few tiny pix from her past theatre projects - Left to Right - Wendy from Angry Housewives, a 1998 headshot, Mrs. Mullin from Carousel, Sybil Birling from An Inspector Calls, and a 2008 headshot
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Dana's Press Page

Press coverage and reviews of shows I've performed in over the years.

In case the script above isn't working, or you'd like to read at your own pace, here are the same reviews in HTML format:
"Things begin to click with the arrival of Mrs. March. Rice ably projects the kind of exhausted, loving attentiveness that any mother hopes she can muster at day's end. Her steady performance anchors not only her children but the show."
- The Seattle Times
"Rice gives a mean performance..."
- The Everett Herald
"Dana Rice is great in the role of Wendi..."
- The Mukilteo Beacon
"Dana Rice of Seattle was commanding and funny as the definite, no-nonsense police officer, Mickey."
- The Enterprise
"Dana Rice's portrayal of Sybil Birling is the ultimate society matron..."
- Highline Times / Des Moines News
"Rice's Gloria is strong and determined, yet we see tenderness and pain break forth from her tough-as-nails presentation. Both actresses play off one another well, which breathes life and energy into Tom Ziegler's heart-warming script."
- Highline Times / Des Moines News
"Dana Rice is the Angry Housewives band's beat, the with-it drummer who really can get the pulse out of anything. Rice, at one point, puts on an exhibition with the sticks on chairs, a garbage can lid and a bannister railing. You swear wood, tin and iron can talk."
- The Enterprise
"This is a funny, uninhibited lead cast... Wherever they are, the likes of Jolson, Mae West and the Foys have got to be taking notice."
- The Enterprise
"Definitely worth the trip to Burien to see acting at its finest..."
- Seattle Gay News
"Watching the battle of wits betwen these women is not like witnessing a war. Instead, it is more like watching one of Grace's apple trees blossom into a wonderful orchard of trees."
- Highline Times / Des Moines News
"Run, don't walk. Tickets to this one are selling fast. It's big. It's bold. It's a blockbuster... This is a funny, uninhibited lead cast that's got to be putting something of themselves into the roles they make understandable to even the most chauvinistic of us."
- The Enterprise
"..Shanna Allman and Dana Rice effectively convey their growing understanding of the costs of that reality and its social implications. Much... growth takes place, but without actor tricks, or sentimentality. It's all the more powerful because of the subtlety with which it is presented."
- Queen Anne News
"...Stand-out performances by Dana Rice as the clever, courageous Lysistrata, Laurie Winogrand as her comrade in arms Kleonike, and Joey McGuire as an 'over-inflated' husband keep the action quick, clean and amusing. "
- Seattle Performs

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