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How-to's of Internet Searching

Search the Internet
A beginner's tutorial at WikiHow.
Finding Stuff on the Web
A really cute beginner's tutorial at the BBC WebWise site.
Finding Info on the Internet: A Tutorial
You know how to search the web, you just need to know which engines to use for which kind of content (by file type, search logic, database integrity, etc.). From the UC Berkeley Teaching Library.
Web Search Tools
This guide from Southern Oregon University is a list of tools for searching the Internet for sites and resources. The tools are ranked based on their interface, versatility, and ease of use. And more!
The Seattle Times' Technology Section
Just a side benefit of living in the Land of the Geeks, this section of our local newspaper contains regular reviews of internet sites, including search engine reviews and in-depth articles on a variety of technological topics. I look to it when I'm sick of search engines and want to find things in sort of the opposite way. :-} Yes, its archive is searchable.

Dr. Ice's Top 23 Favourite Search Engines:

Listed in alphabetical order.
My current faves are DuckDuckGo and IXquick,
partly because they aren't as creepy as the big guys with gathering info about you and whatnot.
  A novel concept, freeform questions and then an FAQ-formatted list of questions and answers. Very interesting. And an out-of-the-ordinary way to find web sites. Beware of the "frame" it sends with you wherever you go.
  Microsoft's search engine, created to challenge Google.
  Metasearches more than 800 specialized engines from around the Web. Dr. Ice has pretty good luck finding things here, and the interface is nice. A little too colourful for some days, but the layout is easy to navigate.
  Comprehensive searches of all the major search engines.
Duck Duck Go
  One of two well-known "more secure" search engines, it doesn't track statistics on you and give creepy answers to your search queries, the way Google, Bing and Yahoo like to do.
  Search engine and "channels"-style directory of the Internet. Comprehensive and relatively easy-to-use. Also offers personalization features so you can configure what you see when you go there.
  This is just a search engine that gives you a list of sites. No directories, no other features. It does track you, if you let it. And, it lets you create an account and let your favorites and bookmarks follow you around. Which, I have to say, can lead to a few creepy search results when you realize how much information it's keeping on you.
  Claims to be "Search Made Simple". The interface sure is, just a search box and simple directory that all fits on one screenful.
  Offers searches by text, date, medium (like, whether or not it contains video) or language. Also has a web page directory and resource driectory.
  A big metasearch without tracking. It claims: "Ixquick does not collect or share any personal information. Ixquick is the world's most powerful search engine employing the most advanced metasearch technology."
  Website directory by categories, and search utility of its web page database. On this list for web research purposes. Not the best, not the worst. :-}
  Search engine and "Web Guides" categories. Several search methods available. Plus, the customizable "My Lycos" interface. Dr. Ice _loves_ that part! A very cool concept! Personalized portal to all kinds of info, and links in to the My Calendar and My Palm sites. Mmmm-hmmm!
  Searches all the top search engines at once. Also lists channels, online phone directories and other resources.
Microsoft All-In-One Search
  This is where you go when you click on the "Search" toolbar button in MS Internet Explorer. Can be VERY slow to load.
The Mining Company (aka
  Another novel concept in internet searching. Most search engines rely on web page makers registering their sites with them. This one has "guides", people who review sites and list them. You can sign up to be a guide and help build the resource.
NetFind at AOL
  Dr. Ice be not a fan of AOL, but it doesn't hurt to look absolutely everywhere when you're doing research.
Northern Light
  This site offers categories of search (including a government search) of the web and its own info resources. Seems to be designed for doing research for business and educational purposes. Results are sorted in folders. Intriguing.
  Search engine and "channels"-style directory with lots of features, including headline news
  Directory and search, probably the most used and respected Internet directory. Also offers customizable options, Yahoo! Maps, web page directories, online calendaring, online auctions, and more.

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