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Information about the Internet, out on the Internet! Such a deal!

World Wide Web FAQ in BC Canada

- A very nice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to the World Wide Web (WWW).

Dana's Beginning Internet Guide
for Her Friends at the City of Seattle

- My informal intro to the internet, originally written for my customers at the City of Seattle when I was a network admin and helpdesk support analyst at the Seattle Enginering Department and the Seattle Police Department. Other than the few internal links to the City of Seattle's intranet site, it's a brief, informal guide. An not so unpleasant reading, if I do say so myself!

Internet FAQ Archives

What the Web Is

- An article at Network Solutions, the new Internic.

Rinaldi's Internet User Guide and Netiquette Reference

- Good, brief tips, but not necessarily for beginners.

John December's Internet Web Text

- A Guide to Internet resources offering Internet orientation guides, tools, hints, and references.

Newbie's Guide to the Net

- For the absolute beginner. This is a busy site, so may take a long time to load the page.

Internet Yellow Pages

- One way to find companies on the Internet.


- Includes a navigational guide and a tutorial about internet access methods. A pleasant way to browse some cool sites by topic.

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