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Theatre Masks

Seattle Area
Theatre/ Entertainment Industry Web Portals

Seattle Actor

An incredible resource for Seattle-area theatre folks - Audition and other opportunity callboards, hints and tips on auditioning, etc, talent bank, listings of local theatres. Pre-dates the TPS site and works differently, sometimes better, sometimes not. Their audition callboard really rocks. When it was first created, back in the day when checking audition callboards meant calling phone lines and sitting through hours of listings until you found something you were a candidate for, it saved me hours of work, it seemed like they were doing the work for you - calling the hotlines and putting everything up on this site, instead of waiting for people to submit things to them. I found that if I checked it and printed it out first, calling the hotlines was almost always redundant. A real time-saver for the Seattle-area actor who is checking for things on break from their day job and really tired from rehearsal and day job combined. :-} Go, Gail Wamba and friends, you so rock!

Theatre Puget Sound

- A Seattle-area " trade and service organization for artists, technicians, administrators, volunteers, audiences, and others involved in the theatre community within our region. " Get on these people's email list, it's a great resource for timely info, and the latest version has many options for selecting exactly what kind of info you want to receive. Post your calls there, too. The site goes through fairly frequent revision, which means re-training yourself to use the forms and so forth, but they are usually really good about preventing linkrot. The one exception these days in the auditions database. The auditions do get deleted, causing your bookmarks to go dead and not be available for later reference.

Freehold Theatre Lab Studio

- The web site of the best place in town (Seattle, WA, USA, that is) for actors to hone their craft. Home of the amazing Robin Lynn Smith, whose Meisner-based series of classes will transform your life and art to a higher place. Also home of Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein's auditioning and acting business training, George Lewis' movement training. All of these folks are gurus of their arts. Also, many other talented instructors with lots of tools to add to your acting toolbelt. Meet them. Know them. Take their classes. I'm just sayin'. :-}

Northwest Theatre Links

- The UW Drama Department really has it goin' on... Links to Theatres, fresh information, regional leader's comments on arts initiatives. This site rocks the Northwest!

Mae West Fest

The Mae West Fest is an annual festival and celebration of women as playwrights, producers, directors and performers. This link bypasses their very pretty splash screen. It's not a bad splash screen, I just disdain splash screens as a concept.

Media Inc.'s Northwest Production Index

The actual resource on-line, including crew/talent banks searchable by all sorts of categories. When I arrived in Seattle in 1989, this book (its print version) was one of two books every actor needed in order to do their marketing to casting directors and production companies with talent banks. Nowadays, there's this web site, and it includes the Northwest and the Hawaii Production Indexes.

Vancouver Actor's Guide

Headshot Photographers in the Seattle Area

David Hiller    (206) 325-0525

Jennifer Tucker     (206) 718-2786

Theatrical Supplies in the Seattle Area

PNTA (Pacific Northwest Theatre Association)

Makeup, lighting, gaffer tape, you name it!     615 South Alaska Street in Seattle    (206) 622-7850

Display & Costume Supply

Mainly recommended for their alternate location to get Ben Nye Makeup They also have a fun collection of wigs. I got the ones for Angry Housewives here. :-}     Seattle, Everett, Issaquah
    Seattle Store near Northgate (206) 362-4810

Seattle Resources for Arts Organizations

Arts Resource Network

SpaceFinder - Performance and Rehearsal Spaces

A search engine of rehearsal and performance spaces. Search by size and general location. Very cool.

Executive Service Corps

finds volunteer help for non-profits among corporate executives experienced with building organizations and companies.

Stimulating Organizational Success

- organizational growth for non-profit arts organizations (not as boring as it sounds)

Local Acting Schools

Freehold Theatre Lab Studio

- The web site of the best place in town (Seattle, WA, USA, that is) for actors to hone their craft. Home of the amazing Robin Lynn Smith, whose Meisner-based series of classes will transform your life and art to a higher place. George Lewis, Geoff Alm, many other talented instructors with lots of tools to add to your acting toolbelt. Meet them. Know them. Take their classes. I'm just sayin'. :-}

Seattle Acting School

- I haven't been there, but I've started hearing some things that make me want to check it out. They've got a free Monday night class - give me a call if you want to buddy down some time!

Antioch University

- I haven't been there, but many friends have, and they now partner with Freehold for the Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI) program. The next round apparently start taking applications in June 2007.

Seattle Children's Theatre Classes adn Workshops

- Includes their Drama School. Several of my friends' kids have attended, and sing its praises. Also includes their Deaf Youth Drama School - How cool is that.

University of Washington School of Drama

- I don't know much about this program. There is a graduate school Professional Actor Training Program that has a great reputation. I can vouch for the great Drama Library. :-}

North Seattle Community College - Acting Program

- NSCC has the reputation of being the best acting program in the Seattle Community College District.

The College of William & Mary

- In Williamsburg, Virginia. Nowhere near Seattle, I just have to list my alma mater. :-}

National List of Drama Schools

- Can't vouch for this list, I just found it and need to go through its listings.

Monologue Resources

Shakespeare Monologues
Plays & Monologues At Elac
Doug Moening's monologue database
Coaches who want to help you find and stage monologues and otherwise prepare for auditions
Rik Deskin I haven't worked with him, he just posted this recently to the TPS Message Boards:
Val Mamches, who is also a casting director for some local theatres. phone 206-524-9231 email:

Miscellaneous Other Drama Links

A Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms
SAG/AFTRA Links - at POZ Productions
The Playfinder - A Very cool online searchable play finding application at Dramatists Play Service.
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online an online play index
One Person Play:
Playwrights On The Web:
Internet Theatre Bookshop:
Bob Jude's Link To Other Theatre Sites
The Goodman Theatre
Tom Noonan's Interactive Writing
Email Scripts
The Playwright's Forum
International Theatre Links
These Plays Are Free - Some free play scripts
Goldsmith's Playlist
World Wide Web Library - Theatre And Drama

Plays For Today
All About LaRonde - The Playwright's Ring
Scott's Claims to be the complete guide to all aspects of theatre on the net. Beware the huge, slow graphics.
The Rachel Rosenthal Company
International Theatre Institute - United States
Theatre Links Page at the American Repertory Theatre
The MoJo Wire - Mother Jones Magazine Online
Sundance Institute
Arts Wire Database
Visual and Performing Arts Reference Page at the University of California Infomine
Yale's Dramatic Resources Web Page
The Dramatists Guild
ISU Play Concordances
Hollywood Actor's Network

Theatre Communications Group
Gravel Walk to Theatre on the Net
The Arts Journal
A Catalog of Lesbian Plays, Musicals, One-Acts, and Monologues By Carolyn Gage
Yahoo's Directory of Drama Resources
IC Ref: Humanities and Fine Arts : Theatre Links at Ithaca's reference page
IC Ref: Music : Opera and Musical Theatre Links at Ithaca's reference page
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Women's Educational Media , "a nonprofit production company specializing in films and videos that further social justice"

Dana's Acting Business Forms:

It's finally sunk in after all these years, thanks to plenty of theatre people repeatedly saying so, that I am odd and unique among actors, having an organizational side to my brain that _adores_ paperwork. So, here, weary of sending them to individual friends via email, are the forms I've developed to help me with the business side of acting. There are more than these, I just don't have template versions of them ready to put here. Thanks to all my brilliant, creative yet endearingly unorganized friends for asking for copies of these. Repeatedly. For years. :-}

Audition Info Sheet Audition Info Sheet
I developed this form to capture answers to questions I ask on the phone or in email of an auditioner in order to find the audition, how to get sides, what the format for the audition, whether or not they need a resume/ demo reel sent first, while on break from my day job, with limited time for freeform writing. This is not a list of questions to ask, just a place to capture any answer I need to quickly. This is a one-stop sheet with a place to record common info and carry it with me, and have a record for management of the audition itself, but also for future planning purposes. What to wear, who called me, the production company involved, where to go, whom to thank for a recommendation, audition material parameters and what I chose, whether or not I was called back, etc. It's actually quite entertaining to look back after some years of experience at the mistakes made, mis-matches in parameters and my choices, and so forth.

WorkInfo Acting Work Info Sheet
After I am cast, this is to track how to get the work done, contact info for the company and staff involved, whether or not I have to bill the company, what their billing address is, etc.

job Day Job Search Info Sheet
This is a record of where I've submitted a resume for a day job opportunity.

InterviewInfo Day Job Interview Info Sheet
This is a record of interviews with a particular company for a day job.

For auditory learners:

It helps my memorization and text study to hear someone else say the lines. Even if it's a computer. If a play exists in recorded form, I do try to listen to it, preferably not the same interpretation but several different recordings by different people.
  • Wired For Books
    Contains some plays, but mostly books. Even that can be helpful, if you're doing Book-It or an adaptation of Little Women for example, to get the whole story read to you.
  • BareStage Theatre
    Subscribe to their live audio stream to have plays read to you. Click "On the Air" from the link above. They also podcast it via iTunes.

If I can't find a recording of the play with my audition sides in it before an audition, I'll sometimes feed an online speech synthesizer. I can pick several characters to say it in different dialects, even. Read the text out loud slowly in several different dialects. Or, just put in your cue lines and practice cueing.

Special thanks to Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein, Ginger Culver and Tonya Jarrett for link suggestions.

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